Friday, December 12, 2014

The Ornament Making Failure

Let me tell you about the wonderful idea I had last week. With my furry family getting aging more and more each year, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to make pawprint tree ornaments. (Of which I do plan to make an instructional page about once I have it mastered if you'd like to try the same.) I decided I would make 4 little ones for the guinea pigs to start.
I made the dough from equal parts salt and flour, with water added to the right consistency. My husband was super excited about me using a 1/2 cup of our organic salt for this!
I made 4 little balls and patted them out flat. Then I picked up Chewy, Chunky, Chance, and Dan to insert their foot prints. I cut the dough into little shapes, poked a hole at the top for a string, and carved in their names.
I baked these things for THREE HOURS on the lowest heat setting of my oven, flipping them every 30 minutes. I took them out and allowed them to cool a couple hours longer.
The next day I started decorating them with food coloring in the paw prints, a bit of paint for the names, coated them in Elmer's glue, and added a dash of glitter. After they dried, I tied cute little red bows on them, and hung them on the guinea pigs' mini Christmas tree by their cages.
Right after finishing them, I left for an hour with our cat to a vet appointment. I return to find that the tree on the floor and the new ornaments nowhere in sight. Our three dogs have a combined age of 38 years on them - one is blind, one has hardly any teeth, and the other has joint issues. They are usually so well behaved and mellow. This time they look VERY guilty! I find our little toothless fellow still licking on a small piece of one of the ornaments. They were ALL EATEN! Fortunately, the ingredients I used were not toxic and they had no ill effects. All in all, it makes for a good story, no one was injured, and I must find a less tasty way to make these ornaments. Proves you're never too old to get into trouble!  I will try again! Probably with some sort of modeling clay.
This is the only picture I have as evidence to prove the ornaments ever existed:

I couldn't help but laugh at the silly dogs since everything turned out alright.   They rarely get themselves in trouble.   Who could be mad at these faces anyway?


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