Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Making a Guinea Pig Part of the Family

One of the first things you should be considering when you get your new guinea pig(s), is where you're going to locate them in your home.  Making your guinea pig(s) an active part of the family will make them the most enjoyable for your family. If you cannot keep the cage in the living room/family room, consider having a play pen there. 

Chunky always wants to see what's going on.

Dan finds being held very relaxing.

Did you know guinea pigs have great hearing? They do, and they quickly learn your voice, the sounds of their favorite foods being opened, the fridge door, and much more! Keeping them in areas around you allows them to become more comfortable with your presence, so they tame more quickly. A guinea pig kept isolated in a room less traveled is likely to become bored and depressed. It will be more fearful of people and movement, rather than the exciting and inquisitive guinea pig you'd likely find in a family room.

Chewy thinks something interesting is in the air.

Also, guinea pigs are colony creatures by nature. Not only do they enjoy getting their noses in on what's going on with the humans in the room, but they still love to interact with their own kind. Please consider getting a same sex companion for your guinea pig. You will want to introduce cautiously with supervision in a neutral environment, but once bonded, they will be much happier, and their interactions will be very entertaining for you as well.  You can find more information on why your guinea pig should have a companion by clicking here.

Guinea pigs enjoy the companionship of their own kind.

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