Friday, February 28, 2014

March is Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month!

Not only does March bring us closer to spring, but it also brings us to the 12th annual Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month!  This was designated by the National Shelter Outreach to raise awareness, because many people don't realize how many guinea pigs are out there in urgent need of homes. alone has listed over 10,000 guinea pigs in a single year!! Many guinea pigs are left in shelters, and unfortunately, the reality is that if they are not adopted in time, they are euthanized.  The great news is, we all have the ability to help change this by adopting rather than shopping pet stores and preventing our guinea pigs from breeding.

Many guinea pigs that end up with shelters or rescues have already been handled a lot and are very friendly, because they were spoiled with love until their human got tired of them. Those guinea pigs in the big box pet store most likely came from a place very much like a puppy mill with many guinea pigs in tiny cages with little to no human interaction, because the goal is the profit, and these types of breeding facilities can supply large numbers of guinea pigs to the big pet chain stores at the rate they are ordered. When you buy there, you are supporting these efforts between the breeder and big box store. 

By checking on you can quickly find any adoptable guinea pigs in your area at a rescue or shelter.  It's very likely you'll find young and adult guinea pigs of many colors and hair types.  You may even be able to find spayed or neutered guinea pigs, so you can keep a boar and sow together.  Please keep in mind that guinea pigs are very social and should be kept in pairs.

If you've done your research on how to care for guinea pigs, and you're ready to add them to your family, consider adopting!  :)

You'll have a blast interacting with your new guinea pigs and feel good knowing that you've made a big difference in your furry friends' lives!

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