Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chatter From Chance

This is a thank you from Chance for all the positive thoughts and wishes for a full recovery.  Can you believe he's been with me a full month already?!  Although, he's having a hard time kicking this infection for good, he's certainly in good spirits.  He's very inquisitive and friendly. He gets so excited when I come to the cage to see what I've brought for him.  He is enjoying bossing me around at veggie time - I think I need to update my resume to include guinea pig servant.  He has the cutest little high pitched squeal ever!  ♥ 
Here, Chance is wondering why I'm taking so long to clean his cage, and why he only has a vitamin C tablet to chew on while he waits.  (I'm giving him chewable vitamin C supplement while he is recovering from the URI.)  He's on this tiny cart that doesn't easily move and barely sits an inch off the ground, however Chance believes it's an island so it keeps him from running around the room like a wild pig while I get his cage done.  ☺  Occassionally he grabs on to the little red rope on the cart and refuses to give it up when I take it away.  He's got spunk!
Finally, the cage is clean and up to Chance's expectations.  He also has his veggies now, so he's pretty happy about that.  (The white powder on the veggies is probiotics to keep his gut healthy while he's on antibiotics.)  It's important to note that this isn't a sufficient size permanent cage for a guinea pig, but it works well as a recovery cage until he's 100% healthy.

Fresh cage, hay, pellets, and veggies create a sleepy pig with a full belly.   Notice how he pulls his pillow and stuffed carrot in close to lay his head on - he's so cute!  

Thanks again for following Chance's journey - I am confident that in time, he will beat this illness!

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