Saturday, May 10, 2014

Update on Little Chance

It's time for an update on Chance!  Here he sits, helping me update his story.

The last updated, he had been doing very well and was slowly being introduced to the other boys over lunch play dates.  Unfortunately, after about a week of being off antibiotics, Chance started to show signs that his upper respiratory infection was returning.  He has not been able to see the other boys and is back on Baytril.  He's responding well, however it's clear that this infection is very severe and he needs to be treated longer.

The good news is that I am seeing less and less of his head tilt.  He's active, maintaining his weight, talkative, gets excited for veggies, and has a fantastic appetite despite being on medication known for suppressing appetites.  It does however make him more thirsty.  Since long term antibiotic use can have a very negative impact on the gut flora needed for digestive health, Chance is receiving his daily veggies tossed in probiotics powder, but he doesn't mind at all.  We've also been trying 1/2 of a chewable vitamin C tablet a few times a week for an extra boost of vitamin C since he's trying to get well, but he doesn't do more than nibble on them.  I'm not too concerned since he eats so well.

Chance got a new step stool house from a garage sale last weekend, shown in the picture below, which he really likes.

He also recently got this new pepper dish he's enjoying today's menu from.  He's a happy guy.

Overall, Chance is doing really great, he just needs more recovery time after going untreated for this infection for so long prior coming here.  Thanks so much for your well wishes and following his journey!  :)

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  1. That's great! Go Chance!
    Patty Hopper