Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Love of Animals ❤

I'm going to share a little story with pictures which happened today.  This made my heart smile in a huge way.

Chewy was under the weather today, which I posted about here.  After Chewy was feeling better, I was giving him some love and extra attention.  I started taking pictures of him and captured a beautiful moment, that I'm not usually lucky enough to get.

If you've read many of my posts here or on the Guinea Pigs' Cavy Club facebook page, you'll know I strongly advocate rescuing animals. 

Let me tell you a little back story on Rexx.  He's our dachshund mix-breed dog that we rescued from a shelter more than 11 years ago, putting him at an estimated 13 years old now.  He was found in the middle of a highway by Animal Control, on one of the coldest winter days in January.  He had some frostbite and was too cold to move.  Since that day we brought him home, he's always been a very loving and sensitive soul.  He loves everybody and everything - most people who visit want to take him with them.  His kindness is felt by people as well as other animals.  When he realized Chewy was sick, he came up and laid by him.  Now I will let these pictures speak for themselves as to what happened today.   They are posted in the order they occurred.  (Please note, always supervise your pets closely and it isn't always a good idea to let them interact.  Many dogs have a predator instinct and guinea pigs are a prey animal.)

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  1. Your photos are beautiful. Rex is a treasure. Dogs are sensitive souls, it's humans who desensitise them. My two guinea pigs live free range in the house with my four chihuahuas as though there is no species difference. Piggies train themselves to use strategically placed towels. Dogs raid piggie vegetable dishes for carrot and cucumber slices and enjoy snacking on oxbow pellets too. The funniest thing to see is when a chihuahua curls up in a guinea pig cuddle cup, it doesn't look comfortable ;)