Friday, March 27, 2015

Why Guinea Pigs Need and Love Timothy Hay

  It's Timothy Hay Day here today!

It's no secret that guinea pigs love hay, but many guinea pig caregivers don't realize how important it is to have hay available for guinea pigs all the time. The roughage is extremely important to keeping their digestive tract healthy, and it is essential for keeping teeth worn down.  Investing in good quality hay can save you a lot of money down the road in vet bills, and it can save your guinea pigs from serious health issues.
There are other types of hay, but timothy is the best for regular feeding. Alfalfa is too high in calcium which can lead to health problems, and sweeter hays like orchard grass are best as an occasional treat or mixed in with timothy.


We just had 50lbs of 3rd cutting timothy hay arrive from Small Pet Select. The guinea pigs love it so much! The pictures really don't show how green it is, how soft it feels, or how fresh it smells.


 Whenever we can order the 3rd cutting, the pigs can't get enough of it. Quality hay is not as cheap as other hay, but it doesn't have the sharp pieces that may cause issues, and guinea pigs will waste very little of it. It may very well save you vet bills later too.

 There are many sources, but if you'd like to try some hay from Small Pet Select - good news - here's a $10 coupon code: (expires 4/7/2015)
I will also get a $10 discount for the referral if you use the code, although I don't expect we'll be needing anything else for awhile. :)

This "Guinea Pigs at Play" sign also came from Small Pet Select.

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