Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chance Meets the Boys for Lunch

After 2 weeks of antibiotics and a clean bill of health, Chance got to meet the other boys for the first time today.  Since Chance is so much smaller, and he's been through a lot, I wanted to take the introduction especially slow to make sure he isn't stressed.  (You can read here about why guinea pigs are usually happier with companions and tips for introducing them.)

I decided to have the boys meet over a yummy veggie lunch in a neutral zone.  I got out the playpen, laid down an extra U-haul pad, added veggies, and then added guinea pigs.  I added Chance first, then Chunky, then Chewy, and Dan last.  I did it this way because Chance is very shy, and Chewy and Chunky are really laid back.  Dan is the one I'm most worried about since he wears the pants in the big cage.

I'm very happy with the progress made today!   Chewy and Chunky gave Chance a little "howya doing" sniff and went about their day.  Chunky even laid with Chance for awhile, which Chance appeared at ease with.  Dan was a bit of a stinker, as I anticipated.  He sniffed, rumbled, circled Chance, and mounted him.  Chance whined a little bit, but since he's a submissive little guy, he didn't really react.  Dan soon lost interested and everyone enjoyed veggies together.  Here are pictures:
Chance waits for his friends to join him.

Time to dig in!

A little bit unsure about this.

Chance wonders why I'm staring at them.

Everyone's grabbing some veggies.

Chance checks to see if I'm still watching.

Chance offers to help Dan out with all those veggies.

Chowing down.

Everybody loves veggies!

Yep Chance, I'm still watching.  It's like I'm embarrassing him with his friends.

First meeting is successful!

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