Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pig of the Wheeek - Meet Butters!

Meet Butters

Butters is one of 10 rescued guinea pigs that live with Carole Kusch-Melcher.   Although all of them are loved very much, Butters is that special pig.  Last June, another guinea pig named Eva passed away at the age of 6, and it was a hard loss for Carole, as well as Eva's companion Frannie.  Frannie became very depressed and Carole started to worry that she may lose her too.  She contacted a local rescue to adopt a buddy for Frannie, but while at the rescue, she met Butters.  The rescue was trying to pair Butters with another pig, so she wasn't available.   The new guinea pig that was adopted, Zoey, became good friends with Frannie.  Since Frannie was a senior guinea pig of 8 years old, one more guinea pig, Cinnamon, was adopted from the same rescue.  Butters still wasn't eligible for adoption.

Butters - who wouldn't love that face?

Caramel was a tough guinea pig to bond with because of her sad history.  She had been hit with a plastic bat by a child, and was a fear-biter.  After many treats and petting, she eventually allowed herself to be picked up and now is one of the best cuddlers.  She stands on her back legs and wheeks for attention when she sees her mom.  She's come to prefer her cage a certain way, and takes pride in rearranging her cage (with some puffing and chattering complaints) if it's not put together right after cleanings.

Butters and Caramel check noses.

Butters remained on Carole's mind, and finally she became available for adoption with her companion Sierra.  Both were happily adopted.  Butters immediately became a super snuggler who loves to give kisses.  Her mom Carole says, "She is so like my Eva that she really healed my heart.  I was devastated when I lost her.  Butters truly is my furry angel.  Frannie also passed on Monday night with the help of my wonderful vet.  She had cancer and it had moved to her lungs.  She lived to the ripe old age of 9."

Butters the cuddler.

We know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet, and what better way to heal than opening your heart to another in need.

Here is where Butters and her friends live. Great set up!

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