Saturday, April 19, 2014

Make an Easter Egg Bucket Guinea Pig Shelter

Easter is here!

Many of you will likely have these little plastic Easter buckets used for egg hunting that will be sitting around unused with the passing of the holiday.  Guinea pigs love igloos, or "pigloos" so why not make something similar for them to have when you take them outside for fresh grass?  Having a shelter outside protects them from the sun and wind, and it also makes them feel safe if something frightens them.
This is such a simple little task - flip the bucket upside down and use scissors to cut an opening big enough for your guinea pig to go in.  You can do this to multiple buckets and they stack together making it easy to carry multiple houses outside.  I use the handle from the bottom bucket to carry them all easily.

My guinea pigs approve!

Don't have any left over buckets?  No problem!  The ones shown in my pictures were just under a dollar full price, and after Easter they should go on clearance.  I hope this helps you enjoy fun in the sun with your guinea pigs.  Read here and here for information on plant and outdoor safety.

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